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We are working on a web project. So i want to know why most of the web startups are failed. On Oct 7th 2007, I am posted a thread in digitalpoint forums to know why most web startups fail,You can see link here

Top 5 Reasons Why Web Startups Fail

some reasons are good in that post. Later i searched web, got good stuff

The 18 Mistakes that kill Startups This blog is amazing

Why Most Startups Fail

Lessons From A Failed Web 2.0 Startup

Top 10 Reasons Web 2.0 Startups Fail

Why Web 2.0 Startups Fail

5 reasons why most Web 2.0 startups fail

13 reasons why most businesses fail

Top 10 Reasons Why Web Startups Fail

Where do most startup ideas fail?

i personally like the paulgraham’s top 18.

hope you enjoy.