Shame on this indian government

“Shame on this government!!! Bhagat singh, Rajguru and Sukhdev have been referred as terrorists in an ICSE 6th standard class in social science subject text book at page number 64 & 65 in Mumbai…. Get up friends… pass this message like fire…. Protest against this… Jai Hind… Instead of forwarding stupid messages please forward this message to every1 who is an INDIAN by heart!!!!!”

i recieved this message from Uma Maheshwar

  1. govind

    i want to ask the authority of icse board that on what basis or information they decided to reffered the above great martyrs as terrorists.
    i request to the goverment of india to ban the affiliation of such board which is playing with ours sentiments & trying to distract the children from the true facts.

  2. indian

    fuck the government guys

  3. seriously shame on them, terrorists send them emails, and then they attack, this is really shameful. and after all they claim that they are Asian biggest power.

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